Welcome to The Valley Doll Museum and Gift Shop

Our museum was formerly owned by Gladys Steeves and Shirley Brack. Gladys started the doll collection in the early 1970's and she and Shirley later travelled for 3 years purchasing more dolls and accessories to add to the collection. They opened their museum and it operated from Shirley's farm just outside of Saskatoon for about 15 years.

My passion for dolls led me to view the museum in the Fall of 2006 and the experience was like a dream come true. The dolls displayed in the settings were arranged in a style that I would have tried to portray myself, if I were fortunate enough to own all those little accessories. I thought about that museum all winter long and my husband finally persuaded me to ask Shirley if she would consider selling it to me. I was very hesitant to ask - fearful of a negative answer. The museum was purchased and moved to Drumheller and has been open since June 2007.

I am proud to have this wonderful display to offer to you for your viewing pleasure. It always brings a smile, feelings of awe and sometimes a tear to those who visit as they remember their childhoods and the enchantment of the dolls they owned and played with in days gone by.

You are cordially invited to share that nostaligic experience and you'll also find it very educational for children as they view parts of history that they could otherwise only imagine. We're open year round for your viewing pleasure.